How to Submit URL to Google Search Engine

“submit url to google search engine” as you know Google webmaster is a genuine tool that allows you in managing Google’s indexing of your website, and to increase the traffic volume to your website. This is a basic lesson for those who would like to utilize this option. We have made it possible for you to understand the Google webmaster’s website optimization tools. The below listed tutorial will provide you each and every instructions to verify your site and submit a sitemap to Google webmasters. Click here for the Sign in to Google Webmasters.

Submit URL to Google Search Engine


Step 1 : Verify your site with Google webmaster

The first step is to verify your website with Google webmaster but your site must be published on internet. You must need the URL of your website for submitting it for verification. Not only Google “submit url to google search engine”There are many other Search Engine tools such as local search engine optimization services. Baidu is a Chinese Search Engine and many more available in the world.

How to Submit URL to google search engine

Once your site is published and you get the URL, go to Google webmasters. You will need a Google account for it if you don’t have one then sign up for it. After logged in, you will land to homepage with a button “Add a property” that prompts you to add a property. You should fill it with URL of your site. Make sure to fill URL of published site, not the preview URL for example When you have done then hit the “Add a property” button and “Submit url to google search engine”.

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The best idea is to copy your URL directly from browser address bar and paste here.
Submit URL to Google Search Engine
The next screen will provide you information on your site and notify you that your site is not verified. On the left hand side of the screen, you will see different options. Right now go through “verifying with HTML” option. Hitting this option will ask you to download a HTML file from the page. After downloading you must upload it in root folder of your site, located in remote server. You can do this through your favorite FTP software or either through site editor provided by hosting company. Refresh your website once in browser and switch back to webmaster page on browser and hit the verify button. When you have complete the first part of the process .

Submit URL to Google Search Engine


Step 2 : Generate Sitemap.xml and Add/Test Sitemap

You must generate a sitemap when you publish your site to provide more information about your site. Submit sitemap to search engines to Google webmaster. You can find the sitemap for your published site, followed by “sitemap.xml in root folder of your site. The URL structure of your site would be On the same page you have just verified your domain on, go through “submit a sitemap” on the right bottom of the page, and fill up “sitemap.xml” after your URL and click on submit sitemap. Now your site is verified and once Google crawls your site you will be able to optimize your site for search engines.

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Submit URL to Google Search Engine


Step 3 : Fetch As Google For Every New Post

Finally, you can fetch as google every page, post from your blog. If you are posting daily you have to submit new URL to google console if you want to crawl immediately. You can check the screenshot given belowPlease check the screenshot for details which is attached below:

Submit URL to Google Search Engine


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