How to Make Money Online Without Investment?

How to Make Money Online Without Investment? There are many ways on the internet, but here I am going to explain about only the top 5 ideas to make money on the internet. The make money online without investment is a keyword which is most searched person on google. From which it turns out that people search the means to make money on the Internet.

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How to earn money from the internet?

How to Make Money Online Without Investment?

In today’s day, online jobs have raged in the world. With the help of online jobs in the whole of India, people are earning thousands of lakhs of rupees sitting at home. Today, making online jobs with the help of the Internet is very easy.

In India without any technical knowledge, people are earning 10000-30000 in a month, with the help of Internet or Online Jobs, while people who have knowledge of Internet and Technology are earning millions.

Some people are doing part time online jobs even after 9 / 6th of their job. If you get some extra money sitting in the house along with the job, then it is only good. Why do not you have fun guys! Read more

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Do you also want to earn money sitting in the house like these people? If yes! It is the best opportunity to start. The biggest thing to get started is knowing which genuine mediums we can earn online money sitting in our home in India.

We have told about 17 tremendous ways of earning money online, which you will not have to invest any money to get started. These methods are completely free.

To understand all these points, please take the time to read and read well so that you can use these paths to earn online and earn good money.

# 1 Advertising on Your Website or Blog Advertising on Website

Advertising online or advertising on your website is the best way to earn money online on the internet. You can earn money from the following 5 advertisements on your blog or website.

  • • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • • Sell Text Link
  • • Sell Your Own Advertisement on your Website
  • • Paid Review

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is also called CPC Yankee Cost Per Click Advertising. This is the simplest online advertising method on the Internet today. In this, the advertising company gives money according to the clicks on the ads.

Some major companies offering Pay Per Click Advertising –

1. Google Adsense

Adsense is Google’s Ad Placement or Publishing Network. Almost all Ads by Blogger Adsense publish on their blog or website. However getting Approval of Google Adsense Account is not easy for all websites. Approval of this account is very important in meeting your website content, Google Ads Terms.

How to earn money from the internet?

There is a payment by Bank Transfer or Cheque. The payout is done only after it has a minimum of 100 $ (Threshold Revenue).

If you are not getting Approval from Adsense, your Adsense has been banned or you are not happy with the earnings you earn, then do not panic, there are many more ways you can make money.

2. Infolinks

Infolinks is the best way to do In-Text Advertising in a blog post. In it, Infolinks shares 70% of its revenue with its Ads Publishers and 30% hold it. In the text, in the paragraph of the post, twice in the text, the text is displayed as an Underline Text advertisement, which shows Banner or Text ads when you take the Cursor.

How to earn money from the internet?

When your Revenue gets $ 50, Infolinks sends money earned by PayPal to your bank or you can get a payout from $ 100 Wire Transfer, ACH, Payoneer, eCheck or Western Union. Sign up as an Infolinks Publisher?


Media.Net is Yahoo’s advertising company that offers PPC advertising. This can be considered as the best alternative to Google Adsense. Its Ads also show ads related to Adsense ads, such as content related to the website or blog. There is a minimum payout of at least $ 100 in two types – via Wire Transfer or Paypal. Sign up now to

How to earn money from the internet?

4. Chitika

Chitika can also be a good alternative if your website does not get Approval from Adsense or because its ads are lower than other companies.

How to earn money from the internet?

At $ 10 you can get a payout from Chitika via Paypal but if you want to check, your revenue should be $ 50 or more.

What is Text Link Ads Text Ads?

If you have good traffic on your website and you can sell Text Link Ads at a fixed place on your site. You can place the link of another website of the Right Side Tab of your post or anywhere you want.

Remember to forget the Nofollow tag before adding an external link to your website.

5. LinkWorth

LinkWorth is a good provider for Text Link advertising. It also allows you to write Ads, Paid reviews, from the Ad Company.

  • You can make at least $ 25 by Paypal and $ 100 Check, Wire Transfer or EFT.
  • Own ads Sell your own Advertisement on your Website
  • You can sell your own Banner ads or Ebook written on any topic through Ads on your website.
  • Write a good review by taking money, Paid Reviews.

You can earn a lot of money from Paid Reviews. In this, you have to write about good things about a company like money, about their products, its benefits. There are also websites that charge $ 300 to $ 500 for a review.

How to earn money from the internet?

You can take money from the advertiser according to your website’s Traffic and Rank quality. You can sign up to linkworth as a publisher.

# 2 Mobile Apps & Ebook Apps Earnings Mobile Apps & e-Book Apps

Making money from mobile phones is very trendy today. Today is the era of smartphones today and there are many apps in the Apps Market, on watching videos, playing games, earning money on completing tasks, or you can also get Rs.100-500 Free Recharge. These are the small things you can make a lot of money with mobile apps. How do you know?

If you are a programmer and you come to do Apps Design and Coding (Java, C ++) then you can make a lot of money by creating your own app. All you need to do is create an awesome app and publish it on Google Play or App Store. You can also make your app pay per download or earn money from Admob Ads. You can also create an Ebook App for a mobile phone and sell it at the App Store.

# 3 Make Money From Online Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the oldest marketing strategy. When you refer to someone else online to buy anything and if he buys it from that Referral link, then you get some commission from that biked stuff.

The value of the commission is according to the percentage determined by the company of the product. This works like this – if you buy a mobile phone of 11000 rupees from your affiliate link and if 10% is determined by the company, you will get 1100 rupees.

# 4 Become a Freelancer and Earn Money Freelancer Writing and Jobs

This is the best way to earn money online after making money from Advertisement. A freelancer is someone who earns money by giving their services to small or large companies for a few days. Being a good freelancer is very important to be strong in your work area.

There are some things to do Freelance Writing that are very important to correct
  • First of all, choose whether you want to write full-time or part-time articles.
  • Calculate the correct fees for your work.
  • Focus more on writing articles about the topic that you know best.
  • Improve your Grammar and improve the handwriting method.

Many freelancer websites work online today, such as Fiverr, SeoClerks, TrueLancer, Freelancer.etc.
A good freelancer can earn from 30000 to 200000 rupees in a month according to your skill. You can design graphic as well as write content for people, do website design, SEO optimization, and more.

# 5 Earn Money From Your Video Earn Money from YouTube

YouTube is the world’s best Video Sharing website. You can upload any type of video on YouTube. You can make a lot of money on YouTube just because your video should be fun and informative so that the video can get maximum views and traffic.

Steps to earn money on Video on YouTube:

  • Always create and upload Unique Video The uploaded video should not be copied.
  • Have a good SEO optimized title for your video so that more and more Organic Traffic can reach your Youtube.
  • Write a good description for that video, because the Crawlers read the descriptions of your video for the lane on Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engine.
  • Go to the Video Dashboard on your YouTube channel and turn on the Monetize option. You need an Active Adsense account for this.
  • After sharing your video on Youtube, be sure to share it in your Blog and Social Network.
  • Advertisements will appear on every single aspect of your video on YouTube, which will get you money when you click on the revenue which you can see in the Adsense Dashboard.

In Conclusion

In this topic, I have tried to explain how to earn money from the internet without investment? I will publish such type of helpful article in the next post. Thank you for visiting my website!

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