How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2018

Today, I am telling you about the topic is “how to write seo friendly article” using multiple keywords. It’s easy to create a blog or website, but it’s difficult to make them successful to get subsequent traffic. Every website is targeted to their audience and writers are writing for audience anyways and this is the way it should be. But additionally there is nothing wrong with adding some optimization content to your web based articles content for better viewership and ranking on the search engines.

Some basics techniques about how to write SEO friendly article?how to write seo friendly article

First of all make sure that you are writing for your audience not for search engines. So, it is very serious matter you must find out a catchy headline or topic about something which is searching people. For example, “how to write seo friendly article”. Imagine that it is your focusing keyword, you can write minimum 300 words focusing on your keyword. Your unique writing concept or techniques will be giving a creative knowledge about articles.

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I want to say here also how to find out a keyword base topic how to use google keyword planner for free. Please click this link if you have not idea about keyword research. When you finalize a topic, you can choice minimum 1% keywords for your whole article and optimize your all sentences with your selected keywords. You can use some online tools search in google there are many multiple keywords research tools. You must need to involve all keywords in your paragraphs. Such as “how to write seo friendly article” is my topic explaining about. While writing SEO article for your blog_optimize multiple keywords multiple time. By this you will be able to write something valuable that interacts directly to your audience.

100% Unique article is the king

The next and most important thing to remember is that; try to create your own article not duplicate or copy paste from any other resources. May be you are a new writer and having problem with an idea. When you are creating an SEO article, remember that article must be unique hand writing. If google search engine finds duplicate content in your website, it will be penalized for optimizing articles. So, please don’t show your cleverness to posting copy paste article in your blog or website. You can also search in google for idea, then you write easily by using own hand writing.

Seek a heart touching concept online, come up with a clever new way of storytelling. However Hollywood would be the preferable topic, with new gossips and news.

Another way to make your article more readable is to add pictures and videos. But keep in mind that the pictures or videos must be relevant to the topic. It means, do not download from google images, create your own image and attached in your blog or website.

While writing an article please don’t be too rush to finish it. Take some time and giver yourself a liberty to create some ideas.

Once your article is completed now it’s time to check it out from the eyes of reader’s point of view. If there are some errors then correct it.

Here, I am sharing for you to research some keywords which are mine own keywords and now I am going to optimize multiple keywords in my blog. You can see example here below:

Some Example keywords for References

  1. How to Write SEO Friendly Article – my focusing main keyword.
  2. SEO article for your blog
  3. Optimize multiple keywords in a post.
  4. Multiple keywords research tools
  5. SEO optimization to your blog.

It is to use Word tacker to do little bit keyword research. Put important keyword phrases into your article in specific areas.

Finally, read more about these rules : Subheading TagsSentencesParagraphsTransition WordsPassive Voice, Flesch Reading EaseStop words

Now you are ready to post your SEO article in your blog. Thank you for visiting my blog post. Please keep it top.

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