how to use google keyword planner for free

Every article writer or blogger want to target specific keyword to get traffic on their content. Applying some SEO stuff is not enough to generate organic traffic on the site. There are many search engines online for free. In order to generate traffic, you must be able to create genuine keywords on your content. For this purpose, you need to do some keyword research. This is the tutorial “how to use google keyword planner for free”. Some bloggers mistake to search keywords. All are need to generate traffic by short keywords, but now it’s not possible to get rank in first page in search engines using short keywords because of maximum competition.

There is no doubt that Google is best search engine. Along with search Google can also help you to find the most relevant keywords for you in order to get result. The Google Wonder Wheel is a tool for this purpose. Another powerful tool for you is Google Adwords system. The tool has many features. Among them most important is the CPC feature available in the “Choose Columns to display” menu after you search for the keyword. This feature shows the CPC (Cost per Click) for that keyword or phrase. It is only available premium.

Free Long Tail Keyword Generator From Google Keyword Planner

In this tutorial, After doing research you will know about usefulness of different types of keywords. Now let’s discuss about “how to use google keyword planner for free” and optimize multiple long tail keywords in a post. The google keyword planner is No. 1 keyword research tools in the world. The most searched keywords on google tentative 90% people.

Long Tail keywords: the key phrases usually consist of 6 words above for example “how to do keyword research for SEO”. People may not search for long tail key phrases as your main keywords. Due to less competition it’s easy to rank higher for these types of key phrases. It is not too difficult to write articles relating with those terms. By writing articles relating your long tail keyword terms as one long keyword term per article, you will be able to create a coverable of applicable keywords.

First of all, go to sign in google keyword planner, click here you can search in google type keyword planner. Type your any specific keyword and click get ideas like seen in image.

how to use google keyword planner for free

Now lets see in lists, there are lots of keywords searched by google keyword planner. See in the picture. You can download click download button.

how to use google keyword planner for free

Then open downloaded file from computer download folder in micro office excel and remove blank space from excel file see in the picture.

how to use google keyword planner for free

You can remove by shorting greater then 15%  competition search keywords, and google monthly average searches. check in the picture.

how to use google keyword planner for free

I have already explained about free Long tail keyword generator, Select only long tail keywords from your downloaded excel file by shorting button.

how to use google keyword planner for free

Ok now you are ready to optimize your selected keywords in your post.

how to use google keyword planner for free

Main keywords:

These keyword phrases are generally consisting with 30 above letters only for example “how to use google keyword planner for free“. There use to be high demand for these kinds of phrases as many people are using those search terms but don’t forget that there is also a high supply for it.

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There might be big difference between the keywords you have chosen to focus your article and keywords you choose to utilize in linking back to your website. You might be looking for longer keyword phrases where competition is low for the keywords that you want for your article. The logic is that you have a good chance of the article showing up high in search engines for the long tail keyword phrases that you are focusing on.

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